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Cindu in Mexico. Interview with engineer Luis Blea.

2 millimeters instead of 1.5 inches?

The Mexican engineer Luis Blea tells us for our blog that he bought large quantities of Cindu products for his works, located mainly in Veracruz and adjacent regions; he bought so much that he became a kind of distributor of our products: “The 90s were very good years and I helped a lot to make Cindu products known and used in Mexico. Then there were problems with aluminum in Venezuela and the price of sheets increased, losing competitiveness. But by correcting that, Cindu can continue to grow and penetrate the Mexican market much more.”

Mr. Blea knows Cindu's products in depth: “For example, the thermoacoustic sheet made of carbon steel was a surprise in Mexico. There was nothing like it in those years in Mexico. When hearing thermoacoustics people imagined a panel of at least 1.5 inches thick. The Cindu sheet was and is 2 millimeters. Two millimeters instead of an inch and a half, and still substantially be reducing noise and feel of heat? Nobody believed me! But I managed to build many impeccable projects. After 25 years these constructions are still like new. These roofs show no signs of deterioration.”

To conclude, Mr. Blea tells us a curious anecdote: “In 1988 a client (the Mexican Air Force) hired us to build a hangar in a region of the Caribbean coast. Two weeks after delivering that work, Hurricane Gilbert goes furiously destroying everything in its path. The next day, the Air Force officer in charge of the work calls me on the phone and calls me outraged, yelling at me and threatening me, because the hangar I had built had not resisted the hurricane. He then makes a short silence and starts laughing out loud. He then told me that the only thing that was left standing and without any injuries was the hangar that I built with a three-dimensional structure and Cindu's roofing. He congratulated me and I, still scared and silent, tried to recover from his joke so I could say to him something.”



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