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Modular construction and Cindu

Why is modular construction with sandwich panels distributed by Cindu an excellent choice?

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Modular construction is an innovative process in which a building or its elements are constructed off-site under strictly controlled factory conditions, using the same materials, designs, codes, and standards as conventional construction but in less time. Thanks to these and other virtues, which we will discuss below, architects, designers, and builders increasingly choose and understand that modular construction is, by excellence, the best option for sustainable designs with the least environmental impact.

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The benefits of using our sandwich panels in modular construction are:

1. Environmental Care and Resource Savings 

The controlled production process generates less waste, fewer disturbances on the construction site, and allows for a construction that adapts to needs. It also enables the incorporation of innovative lighting, HVAC, and efficient insulation systems that reduce energy consumption, allowing savings of up to 70%.

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2. Reduced Labor Costs 

Another significant benefit of modular architecture is that, being manufactured in an external facility, the traffic of workers at the construction site is reduced, and materials are minimized exponentially, reducing the margin of errors or accidents on the site.

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3. Construction Time Savings 

Unlike traditional constructions, modular building construction allows projects to be completed in half the traditional time. In other words, it generates up to a 50% time savings since the panels arrive ready to assemble. Delays due to weather conditions are also eliminated because between 60% and 90% of the construction is completed within the factory, and these buildings can be put to their final use immediately, creating a faster return on investment.

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4. Greater Material Flexibility and Reusability 

Modular buildings can be disassembled, relocated, or renovated for a new project, reducing the demand for raw materials and minimizing the amount of energy used for new needs. Therefore, there is less material wastage.

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5. Flexible and Adaptable Design 

Modular construction with Cindu's sandwich panel system offers the possibility of creating all kinds of complexes such as offices, educational centers, laboratories, multipurpose halls, restrooms, dining areas, and more. These are entirely designed based on the activity and needs of each organization.

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6. Quality Construction 

Cindu's sandwich panels, thanks to their production in a factory, have very high quality and homogeneity in their characteristics:

  • Density
  • Mechanical strength
  • Insulation
  • Resistance to various weather conditions

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